Friday, October 25, 2013

Patio Covers: Outdoor Atmosphere, Indoor Comfort

Your patio integrates your immediate outdoor spaces with the rest of your house. The space serves as a transition between the indoors and outdoors, and often serves as the perfect spot for holding intimate gatherings or for spending some quality alone time. In any case, keep in mind that patios are exposed to the elements, a factor that leaves them susceptible to significant wear and tear over the years.

Nobody wants to stay in a patio while getting soaked in the rain, which is why you may want to build a sturdy cover that allows you to enjoy your patio in almost any type of weather. Patio covers are designed specifically to provide shade without sacrificing lighting or ventilation. These covers can take the form of stylish arbors or gazebos, as well as retractable cover that enable you to go al fresco whenever the weather permits.

Patio covers can either be built as simple or as semi-enclosed structures. The latter option effectively transforms the patio into an additional room with open-air accommodations. Homeowners can use these spaces as sunrooms or alternative recreation rooms; the possibilities are endless. Simply put, patio covers can change outdoor spaces to suit a number of preferences.

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