Monday, November 25, 2013

Reasons to Choose Vinyl for Patio Covers

Have you yet to find the perfect cover for your newly built, beautiful patio? You might want to try out the vinyl patio cover. It's become the fast favorite of many Orange County residents because it is strong, safe and maintenance free.
Strength and Durability – Vinyl is a great option if you’re looking for a strong and durable patio cover. High quality vinyl is comparable to wood in terms of the protection it can provide. They are designed to withstand strong winds and support beams to ensure that the patio they are covering is secure.
Safety – Unlike wood, vinyl patio covers don’t splinter, which can be dangerous if you have children or pets. In addition it’s uncommon for vinyl to dent or chip, preserving its visual appeal and safety. On the other hand, when aluminum chips or dents it can create sharp edges that are extremely dangerous. For a much safer patio cover, choose to use vinyl.
Convenient – One of the best features in choosing a vinyl patio cover is its flexibility. Vinyl is a more flexible material, making designing your patio a much easier task. Not only is vinyl flexible, but it doesn’t need to be repainted, so it’s easy to maintain the “new-look” of your patio, all you have to do is occasionally water wash it.
For a safer, longer-lasting and more convenient patio cover, choose to use vinyl.

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Buyer's Guide to Vinyl Fencing in Orange County, CA

One of the main concerns when buying vinyl fencing is the risk that the buyer will only end up regretting the purchase. However, as any responsible consumer would know, it is the buyer's primary task to first research on the pros and cons before actually purchasing their chosen product. Because vinyl fencing is one of the largest investments you can make for your Orange County home, you really will need to make the right decision.

Views regarding vinyl fencing can vary greatly, depending on the seller, but it is always useful to keep in mind that these are just opinions. Unless you are on a tight deadline, take your time researching for options. This step is key to your purchase as this will help you avoid spending on materials you don't need. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Color – Vinyl fencing usually comes in white pigments made of titanium dioxide to prevent UV damage.
2. Cost and Warranty – Sure, it may be a bit more expensive, but unlike wood or iron fencing, vinyl fencing doesn't get rusty and doesn't need to be painted. Look for fencing with the best warranties, such as those with transferable lifetime warranties.

3. Purpose – Is it mainly for protection or simply for cosmetic reasons? If you're looking for a fence that can play a dual role, however, vinyl fencing is still your best option.

Shop around and compare fences. You want a fence that will last in the year to come.