Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Wood Type Should Your Patio Cover Have?

There's something uniquely interesting in the various patio cover styles used in the different locations of the United States: While plantation-style homes in the south prefer their patio covers in French Colonial style, those in the west tend to lean more toward a southwestern style which, of course, makes a lot of sense geographically.

One of the main considerations, though, is if the wood used for the cover is the smooth type of lumber or the rough textured variety. Westside builders often recommend the use of rough-type lumber because it serves a very important purpose during hot summers. While everyone has his opinion, smooth wood is simply not a good choice for the climate of Western U.S. because it tends to have a far shorter lifespan than rough wood covers. This is probably something very few people outside the patio cover business think about, but it is an important consideration nonetheless.

Rough lumber tends to absorb paint better, thus, the wood is much better protected. With a more effective seal, the effects of wood rot, termites, mold, and other factors that can shorten the life of the wood is slowed down.

Regardless of whether you prefer rough wood or not, hiring the right patio cover company will ensure that your next patio cover will not only be the ideal one for your backyard, but will also be installed correctly.

Painting Tips for Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is an excellent option for the homeowner who wants a material that's durable, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. While this material already comes in a variety of colors, you can still touch it up to customize it to your taste. Here are some suggestions you can try to enhance your vinyl fence.

Buy an epoxy-based paint from your hardware store, as this will efficiently stick to your vinyl fence. Get a primer and prepare a damp cloth or your garden hose, rollers or a paint sprayer, and the proper sealant for your vinyl. Hose down the fence to remove any debris and wipe it with a damp cloth. Allow it to dry before you start your painting project.

When the surface is ready, apply the primer (use one specially designed to protect the fence from molds and mildew). Using your implement of choice, coat the fence with the epoxy-based paint you have. Make sure that you cover the surface evenly; the sprayer might be a better tool for this. After the paint has sufficiently dried, apply the sealer to give your vinyl fence a nice luster.

Note that while your vinyl fence will remain virtually maintenance-free, your paint will need more attention. Inspect it regularly and make sure that it hasn't faded or peeled off. If it has, you can touch it up again to make it as good as new.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Your Garden Can Be More Therapeutic Using Patio Covers in Orange County

"A recent survey conducted by City and Guilds, a British leader in vocational education, gardening was coined as the “happiest job” by the thousands of professionals asked. Gardens, maintaining them or spending time in them, proved to be relaxing. In fact, in California, community parks with well-maintained gardens, public art, and patio covers in Orange County, many health experts believed that gardens have many benefits for any individual's physical and mental health. Moreover, this notion is supported by a consortium of four local care homes in London's Havering Borough which transformed their facilities into interactive gardens. The residents in turn “derive real calm and serenity from having access to an open and safe environment,” according to James Brennan, director of Havering Care Homes. Psychologist Geng Xiong furthers the idea by saying that meeting his patients in their gardens proved to have more positive results than talking to them in his office."

Friday, September 20, 2013

Get Updated with Your State's Building Codes Before Installing Vinyl Fencing in Orange County

"Though many have no clue what their state's building codes are, it would do great favors to ask about these before installing Orange County vinyl fencing. Reported at, a woman from Connecticut won a case against the local government over allegations that she violated the state's building codes when she installed her new fence. She claimed that she built her fence high for security purposes. In California's building codes, new fences should not exceed the height of six feet. Though the local government doesn't dictate the specific fencing material to use, they require that it's fire resistant like vinyl. Vinyl fences take a long time before catching fire. They are also affordable and easy to install. With regards to the article, it is worth mentioning that she had to pay almost a thousand dollars for the legal fees in her case. Save yourself from all of these by hiring only reputable companies like Showtime Vinyl Fence that covers every detail of your fence installa

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Which Direction Should My Patio Face?

Setting up pergolas over your patio spices up the house's appearance and provides much-needed shelter for you and your loved ones under a hot day. This is true when your patio covers allow for maximum comfort and requires minimal maintenance. However, in having your patio covers built, there's one more thing you have to consider: where it's facing.

Having the covers built on the south side of the house may be beneficial if you intend to get as much natural light into the house as you can. This is also true in winter because of low sun angles during daytime. Patio covers facing north isn't feasible because the angle of the Sun's orbital track doesn't make for sufficient natural lighting.

Covers for the patio facing east may be suitable if you intend to get your rays early in the morning, especially if the house needs to be warmed up early in the day. Although a patio cover facing east will shadow you from the afternoon sun, a cover facing west may also be just as effective. During wintertime, patio covers facing west will help you relish natural light.

The orientation of the patio cover has different benefits. The right one is a question for you to answer.